From the Owner’s Desk.

When I wanted to start a business related to idli, dosa batter, I took some time to analyse the market and also to know the requirement of a common man using batter for preparing idli and dosa in the same experience of a home made batter. I started the batter manufacturing company, ensuring the quality, taste and health conscience in the product. I am happy to say that till now, we have a wide set of satisfied customers because of our preparation policy to meet out the requirement of the consumers.


About Us

Isee is now evolving as one of the leading brands headed by Mr.Manikandan.
Isee has gained the trust of customers with the secrets of traditional preparation of batter with new technology. It has a strong expert team for the combination, ingredient selection and the quality preparation.

With these 13 years of experience in the industry, we are proud to say that we have met the requirements of the customers and so we are able to retain our customers.