100% Pure Idly Batter

Pure Idly Batter is manufactured in Isee with the traditional ingredients, with quality of high standards without any preservatives ensuring, the taste and hygienic factors.

Dosa Batter

Isee offers you the crispy traditional taste packed with ingredients that gives the experience of homemade batter dosas.

Uttapam Batter

Uthhappam Batter satisfies the customer expectation in taste and the quality in health factors.

Our Team

We are one of the leading organizations in food industry in the manufacturing of idli and dosa batter with our 13 years of rich experience in the industry.

We always supply same day fresh batter daily. You can prepare crispy dosas, tasty dosas, idlis with our batter giving the experience of homemade batter. We have an expert team in the preparation of batter with high quality ingredients, rich in nutrients with an appealing taste, quality and healthy combination.

Welcome to planned and healthy cooking

A healthy and hearty breakfast gives you the energy to last the whole day, so from now on plan your meal which means planning your health.

What you Need to do!

We got wide range of batter from millet varieties to rice batter !! we deliver you fresh and hygienic batter everyday, making sure you got your meal on time.


Go Organic

As we offer fresh batter daily without preservatives, we have attracted natural and healthy food intakes.


Why Choose Us?

  • 13 years of experience in batter manufacturing industry
  • Fresh batter supplied daily
  • Expert team determines the right combination of batter
  • Resource for Crisp Dosa, Uthappam and soft idly.
  • High standards in manufacturing ensuring quality

Pure Organic

100% Natural